Hello! I’m Sarah, and I’m a third-year student at the University of Leeds. I’m the vice president of the university’s atheist society, treasurer of the Liberal Youth society, and a co-ordinator/union contact of the feminist society.

I’m an active feminist, trans rights advocate, LGB rights advocate, secularist, atheist, and skeptic, with quite a lot of that informed by my gender identity and sexuality. My politics are kind of a social democrat/radical civil liberties type with some anarcho-syndicalist sprinkles (it works, somehow).

Really, the blog is just here for me to write about anything I feel I can. I often have trains of thoughts that run through several successive posts, and I’m always taking ages to write posts.

As far as the name goes, it’s a wry observation that no matter where I go, I seem to be the other¬†Sarah in groups of people. Seriously, I can’t seem to shake it!

I operate a general laissez-faire comments policy and only egregious trolling or offensive comments will be deleted. The comments are there for rational, reasoned discussion If you find something offensive, feel free to mention it is, if I haven’t got there first.