Transgender health in Leeds: An addendum

Last month I wrote a post about the state of transgender health in the NHS in Leeds. However, I realise that the post, written from the perspective of a cisgender ally, misses out the most important aspect of all: the transgender perspective. I hence asked on the LUU LGBT Society’s group page for said perspective, which kind of confirmed what I thought: that the doctors at the student medical practice are really accepting of a person’s trans status, but it’s lagging in some areas: the lack of publicity and literature in the student practice, a lack of support groups, and a perceived slowness in the NHS (although that may just be the NHS’s inertia, and not just limited to transgender health).

That said, other than the lack of awareness of these issues, I’m left with a slightly higher opinion of how Leeds treats trans people. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t shut up about LGBT issues, and, of the people I know (although, given the circles I associate with, this may be skewed), nearly all of them are trans-positive. Especially the university’s LGBT society, who are absolutely brilliant. I did go back to the GP the other day, though, and there isn’t any literature I could find on gender issues, but, again, it may just be inertia. I hope that, even with the NHS changes coming through, that trans people will get better treatment (as it does needs to improved), and not worse over time. I personally think it will.

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Leeds is actually not the only place where there is a lack of awareness on transgender issues. Globally, this is the trend where transgender persons are perceived to be somewhat abnormal people. However, if more people came out and wrote about transgender issues, at least people would start to understand transgender persons and this would be the first step towards making people accept transgender persons as part of our society.

Well, of course. But I’m especially concerned with Leeds, seeing as I live here and, being friends with several trans people, there need to be people who are trans and cis raising awareness of these issues, especially where trans issues aren’t as evolved (I was quite surprised to find out that Britain has the most trans-friendly policies in Europe, so much so that it makes us the most LGBT-friendly country on the Rainbow Europe map despite not having equal civil marriage yet)

My son is trans, he has no friends who understand, he wants to end his life,he’s so unhappy. Des think he’s nuts turn him away.if only he could meet other trans people to chat, it would be great.

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