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Labour and Tuition Fees: An Addendum

Today’s the day that MPs will vote on whether to raise the cap on tuition fees. And, as they have been doing since Browne was published, Labour are currently digging into the Lib Dems for not caving into them breaking the NUS pledge. Including Tom Harris, MP for Glasgow South, who as you may recall, voted for the HEA2004, to which I challenged him on Twitter:

Now, this just says it all, doesn’t it? Whereas the Lib Dems are generally regretful and open about the fact that some are breaking the pledge, Labour are denying that they broke their promise. In fact, in Harris’s case, he’s proud that he did (and several other MPs, including Alan Johnson, are of the same opinion).

And, of course, top-up fees only apply in England. Which makes Harris’s actions, as an MP for a Scottish constituency, even worse than, say, Miliband or Harman on the issue (as the vote did affect their constituents).

And the worse part? A constituent asked on his student’s behalf to vote for the policy. Harris, of course, said no.

Remind me, why should students vote for Labour?

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Exactly, the stench of hypocrisy from the Labour benches is really offputting. Miliband accusing the coalition of ‘cultural vandalism’ would be a nice attack.

If it didn’t come from the guy who wrote the Labour manifesto and helped commission Browne in the first place. To give him some (small) credit, Vince has managed to negotiate a pretty good settlement compared to what Browne, Labour or Tories were preparing for.

I did, admittedly, excuse Mili-E from the lowest levels of the Labour hypocrisy; that is, the 116 MPs who voted for HEA2004 but against HER2010 (the lowest of these being reserved for people like Harris: Scottish Labour MPs who voted for HEA2004, against HER2010, and were proud of it), simply because he only entered Parliament in 2005. That said, it doesn’t excuse him from his hypocrisy either.

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